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We specialize in acquiring homes, apartments, land, and commercial properties quickly and effectively and selling them within two weeks.
15 Years Business

Buy and sell homes all over The USA Pay Cash and I Close in Two Weeks

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My Home NJ LLC to sell your property?

When it comes to selling your property, time is of the essence. At My Home NJ LLC, we specialize in fast and effective transactions. Discover why we are the best option to sell your house, apartment, land or commercial property in just two weeks.
Contact us today and you could sell your property in just two weeks!
Efficient and uncomplicated buying and selling process
We offer fast results: sale in two weeks!
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Why My Home NJ LLC?

We know that many times our clients need to sell their properties in a short period of time, either for personal or financial reasons. That’s why we make sure to make a fair offer and buy the property within two weeks.
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Our mission is to simplify your real estate transactions. We put your property on the market and guarantee its sale in just two weeks.

Over 25 years experience​​

Commitment to our clients and their satisfaction Efficiency and speed in the process of buying and selling properties.

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Respect and professionalism towards our clients and collaborators.

+25 Years Business

Innovation and continuous improvement in our services and processes.

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New Jersey is more than a market to us; It is our home. We are committed to growing and improving our community. We value integrity, honesty and ethics in all our dealings, and always work for the benefit of our clients and our community.

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Buy and sell homes all over The USA Pay Cash and I Close in Two Weeks.
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USA Pay Cash and I Close in Two Weeks

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Need to sell your property urgently?

At My Home NJ LLC, we buy properties quickly and without complications. Forget about waiting months to find a buyer, we are ready to acquire it in two weeks.
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